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Why Agile Business Growth (ABG)?

Unemployment is the major drive for many people venturing into Business. It is a great discouragement when for years your Business couldn't grow or pay the bills. This is not totally your fault because Business is a School and to achieve your targeted growth requires a lot of skills. You most probably started the Business to "SURVIVE" , but a lot more is required  from you now that you are yearning to "EXCEL" . You are probably in a field (i.e Business Field) that you know nothing or little about.

 This Course is a "catalyst" of Business Growth for Business owners , SMEs and Business beginners. You will be surprised at the wonders you are about to experience in your Business Transformation and you may think it is all a magic even though it is just a bunch of "Agile Business Strategies" you will hardly find anywhere else. This training is strictly filled with Practicals. The Training Classes are equiped with compressed videos to give you the step-by-step guides on how to experience 200% increase in your Business Productivity.


All Courses Idea


• Business Owners

• Entrepreneurs

• Business Beginners

• National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Members

• Graduates and Undergraduates



• Business Myths / The Causes of Failures in Business

• How to come up with Agile Business Vision

• Impact of Business Vision on Business Growth

• Innovative Business Development

• Agile Business Strategies 

• Agile ways of closing Sales

• Agile methods of handling difficult Customers/Clients

• Building an irresistible reputation for your business

• Agile Financial Intelligence

• Agile ways of Handling Competitions in your Business lines

• Agile Personal Qualities for Business Owners

• Application of Agile Business Commission Tactic for Business Growth

• Application of Agile Business Employment Tactic for Business Growth

• Agile Business Branding

• Agile Marketing Strategies

• Avoiding a Balloon Growth in Business.

• Agile guides on Partnership

• How to achieve quality Products and Services

• Agile Ways of retaining Clients and ensuring their Satisfaction.

• Agile Futuristic Business Plan

• Agile Business Ethics


  • Fafolu Oluwatobiloba Boluwatife says:

    This course is very intellectual,u learn business development with agile principles to build an organization with a good foundation..Thanks

  • Seal-Sea Concept says:

    @Omojowolo Bolarinwa, thank you for showing interest in this Course. Kindly visit our FAQ to learn how to register and participate in this online. You can reach the supports contact through +234-9086789377 (Whatsapp or Call) or simply send a mail to

  • Omojowolo Bolarinwa says:

    I need the courses

  • Omojowolo Bolarinwa says:

    I need the courses

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