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Anger is sometimes meant to communicate something important but often drives people away and unwantedly leads to committing Crimes or regrettably taking negative actions that are irreversible.

What you really want most times, is to connect and be heard, but when anger is involved, the result is often just the opposite.

Aggression or anger that may grow to RAGE in any form is the biggest impediment to emotionally intelligent communication.

"People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing" - Will Rogers

Signing up for this Course is a road to your freedom from Anger. You cannot get rid of anger but you can assuredly  control it and that comes with a lot of efforts through training, awareness and practices.

"anger can make the world, fellow employees,  family and friends hate you, even if they didn't tell it to your face"

"It will be hard for you to be a loving father / mother if you are hot tempered" ..... i.e
anger can earn you a broken home or relatiobship.

"it will be hard and difficult for you to achieve your dreams in life or attain the peak of your success , if you cannot control your anger" ........i.e anger can get you sacked, it can affect you from being productive.

"you will always see what will make you angry or trigger you to rage everywhere, every day, every minute and people will never stop to piss you off" - the management is all yours and your choice.

Sign up now and let your testimony be added to a lot of success we have recorded.


All Courses Idea

Anger Management Training  is open to all.

It is highly recommended for:

• Supervisors

• HR Personnels

• Project Managers

• Sales Reps or Marketters 

• Customer Care representatives 

• Teachers and School owners

• Business Owners

• Employees

• Couples and interested individuals.

"Don't wait for a negative outcome of your  uncontrollable anger before you learn to control it"


• Definitions

• Effects and Repercussions of Anger

• Real life Cases of Anger

• Gaining Control (Practicals)

• Knowing your warning signs (Practicals)

~ Physical

~ Behavioural

~ Mental

• Coping Thoughts (Practicals)

• Relaxation Techniques (Practicals)

• Blowing off some stream (Practicals)


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