ELECTRICAL MASTERCLASS 3 : Electric Motor Rewinding(coils)


ELECTRICAL MASTERCLASS 3 : Electric Motor Rewinding(coils)

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This course is developed for the Engineers , first for the Electrical Engineers and for those in the Electrical related fields. The mechanical engineers can also apply as most of  the Industrial and Manufacturing Companies now prioritize people with both Electrical and Mechanical Practical Knowledge. It is fully Practicals.

Without Practical Experience, Engineering Certificate is almost useless. This course will help your confidence while going for interviews and help you secure your dream job in Engineering field

Through this course, we intend to:

• produce Engineers with Practical Experience

• help Engineering Graduates make their certificates relevant and useful 

• increase your chances of passing interviews in this area of studies and eventually see you securing your dream job.

• you can also dream to become a contractor with Practical Knowledge of this kind 

• Number of Unemployable graduates  due to lack of Practical experience, will also reduce.


All Courses Idea


(For  Electrical/Mechanical or Mechatronics  Engineers )

• Undergraduates and Graduates 

• NYSC members and job seekers

• Engineering/Industrial Employees or workers


This Electrical MASTERCLASS level 3 focuses on:

• Troubleshooting of Electric motor faults due to Motor Windings

• Testing and Rewinding of a Single phase winding (Emphasis on the  need for a Capacitor) - such as Electric Fan etc.

• Testing and Rewinding of a 3-phase winding - such as Electric Motors etc

• Prevention of damage in Electric motor coils i.e maintenance culture to prolong the coil life span. 

• Do it yourself session. Each participant shall carry out Rewinding of Coils under the Instructor supervision


  • ANATHO Marius says:

    Bonjour je suis un ingénieur électricien et je suis intéressé par la formation . quelles sont les formalité a remplir

  • Itisor Moses Karimu says:

    I am professional in rewinding and I have long time experience now I am a Marine e t o .I whishe to have your trained tests certificate. How can I get it

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