Health, Safety And Environment ( HSE - Level 1 )


Health, Safety And Environment ( HSE - Level 1 )

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Health , Safety and Environment is a Professional Course that helps improve productivity of Company/individual by creating awareness for hazards, identifying the control measure and eventually reducing the rate of work place accidents.

Be informed that aside aiming at becoming an HSE Officer, most of the employers now prioritize this certification relevantly to the field of practice in order to ensure that an employee does not only know his job roles but also knows how to carry out in his duties safely without a threat ;

1. to his own health and Safety(first)
2. to the quality of the Products and Company's reputation
3. to the health and safety of fellow workers and
4. to the environment and properties.

HSE - level 1 addresses the Use of PPE, HEMP Process among other contents.

Please Check HSE 1 - Course Contents for Course details.


All Courses Idea


• Job seekers, Corps Members, Graduates and Undergraduates.

• Entrepreneurs 

• Employees/Employers

• Interested individuals (for workplace safety)



1. Introduction to HSE

2. PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

3. HEMP - Health and Effect Management Process

4. Unsafe Act Auditing 

5. Basic First Aid


  • Elachi Adams says:

    I learnt alot actually. The training was fun, impactful and really educating. Learnt how to identify and manage hazards and risks properly.

  • Sotonwa John Taiwo says:

    The delivery of the course was precise with vivid explanations given. It increased my awareness of hazards and safety measures to be taken

  • Ogunyemi Ololade Joshua says:

    The training was indeed enlightening. I learnt about setting your priorities as an engineer before as while working on the field. Infact, it is only a healthy engineer that can work. Thanks to the seal-sea concept instructors, I acquired the basic knowledge of hazard and the likes.

  • Oyenuga Omobolanle says:

    Through the course of the training, I leant that as Engineers to be, safety should first and foremost be our watchword

  • Odufuwa Boluwatife says:

    The short time for the training was worthwhile. So much enlightenment

  • Odekunle Peter Iyanuoluwa says:

    "safety first, safety always" I've learnt a lot about Health, Safety and Environment in the shortest period of time... I learnt of different tools and so on .... It's not a lie if I tell you this is the best training I have received on this topics, the tutor is so good and friendly; Frankly he knows it, I was also able to understand relationship between health, safety and the environment and how best to mange all these in real life situations. Thank you Seal-concept for the opportunity

  • Abdulrazaq Seidu says:

    The Training worth paying for. It was satisfing

  • Ogunjobi Titilayo says:


  • Ogunjobi Titilayo says:

    I’ve learnt from this training that first my own health is in my hands as well as the safety of others in my environment and I am responsible for it. I was able to understand relationship between health, safety and the environment and how best to mange all these in real life situations.

  • Akindiji Paul Tomiwa says:

    I learnt that everything around you is an hazard, possible of causing harm. Be careful

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