Health, Safety And Environment ( HSE - Level 1 )


Health, Safety And Environment ( HSE - Level 1 )

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Health , Safety and Environment is a Professional Course that helps improve productivity of Company/individual by creating awareness for hazards, identifying the control measure and eventually reducing the rate of work place accidents.

Be informed that aside aiming at becoming an HSE Officer, most of the employers now prioritize this certification relevantly to the field of practice in order to ensure that an employee does not only know his job roles but also knows how to carry out in his duties safely without a threat ;

1. to his own health and Safety(first)
2. to the quality of the Products and Company's reputation
3. to the health and safety of fellow workers and
4. to the environment and properties.

HSE - level 1 addresses the Use of PPE, HEMP Process among other contents.

Please Check HSE 1 - Course Contents for Course details.


All Courses Idea


• Job seekers, Corps Members, Graduates and Undergraduates.

• Entrepreneurs 

• Employees/Employers

• Interested individuals (for workplace safety)



1. Introduction to HSE

2. PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

3. HEMP - Health and Effect Management Process

4. Unsafe Act Auditing 

5. Basic First Aid


  • Oyeyemi Favour Oluwakayode says:

    The course was really educating and they did explain everything about health safety and environment in details. I learnt a whole lot from it and I believe it'll help me in my chosen career. Thanks seal-seaconcepts.

  • Hawal Alade Oyinkansola says:

    I enjoyed every bit of the course right from the beginning to the end. It turned out to be more than I envisaged. Thanks for the opportunity seal-sea

  • Akinnuoye Opeyemi says:

    The website is user friendly but I’m having issues with the mobile app

  • Akinnuoye Opeyemi says:

    It’s a very educative platform,that treats the importance of safety as you work to maximize effective output. I think there should be an inclination or sort of merge with the university curriculum so more aspiring project managers and engineers can have this knowledge.

  • Fadare Obaloluwa says:

    This course open my eyes to see that as an aspiring engineer it is important to take safety precautions in every thing that we do and I also and that my life is more important than the job. It was an honor to learn from you guys

  • Joshua Arome Adejo says:

    It's important to note that I learnt alot and I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn, I'm also open to learning more, my favorite amongst the course was HEMP... Thanks once again

  • Giwa Gazali Oluwakayode says:

    The training opened my eyes to new things and also increased the spirit of safety in me.

  • Kehinde says:

    Thank you Seal-Sea Concept for the wonderful opportunity opportunity you've given us to benefit from this very necessary course.. looking forward to more of such opportunities

  • Richard Ademola Fadeyi says:

    I thought i knew more about health and safety but my view on this core areas changed for good. I must commend the company for bringing this initiative to the higher institution. They are doing a very good job.

  • Robert Gloria says:

    So educating,, I learnt so much not only as an aspiring engineer but as an individual with practical knowledge on how to make my environment safe and conducive.. it was a wonderful experience....

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