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Employability Skills is a necessity and it can never be achieved without Productivity skills. Though in our 
society today, there seems to be increase in the rate of unemployment and without much ado, the 
blame always goes to the government. The companies on the other hands have been defending 
themselves that Nigerian Graduates are not employable, not because they are not distinction or upper 
credit students but because instead of turning to be assets to the companies, most of them are 
liabilities. They lack in creativities, leadership skills, emotional strength, team work, Managerial skills and 
so on.

This training is called a "Productivity Course" simply because it is a general course for people across all walks of life.

In as much as your work deals with a little of Human Resource - in which you need to demonstrate some administrative skills such as being a supervisor or a team leader, head teacher, employer, employee or Entrepreneur, instructor, coordinator etc, definitely you need to undergo this Training. 

It is a course that encompasses basic knowledge of Human Resource Management, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence with emphasis on Time Management and Team building.

Learn a practical and  productive ways of carrying out your duties, projects and business.


All Courses Idea


• Job seekers

• Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

• Employees/Employers

• Interested individuals


This Training shall focus on how you can be;

1. Employable

2. Pursue your goals

3. Manage People

4 Emotionally Stable.

5 Manage Personal Projects 

6. A good manager of your 24 hours each day.

Everything shall cut across;

• Human Resource Management

• Project Management and 

• Emotional Intelligence

It is designed for you to:

•  acquire some administrative skills that will help you succeed in a leading role

• know how to break a complex project down into simple steps of execution

• know how to build and work as a team 

• know how to place your priorities right, in business or job management

• identify  ways to relate with people in order to succeed in your duties , work , projects and business


  • Lawal Kareemah says:

    Thanks for seal-sea concept. I learn alot from PMP, EI, and HRM. I learn how to control my anger and ways to prevent it from escalating . I learn leadership and how useful it is in our work place. I also learn the very essential thing i need now , how to write project , project management , how team building and time management mean a lot in everything around us . I forever grateful for this course . What a great opportunity i didnt let pasd me by !

  • Kewulere Adam Olasunkanmi says:

    Thanks to seal- sea concept,with this great and initiative course infact it really an eye opend one with series of experience have gained during the course study. It is a wonderful productivity course,where I know more about HRM human resources management,E I. emotional intelligence and PMP. project management professional. All this has given me more experience and buoyancy even it also had to my moral when ever am read to set up my own organization.


    The productivity course is very insightful with robust lecture materials. Very many thanks Sealsea.

  • Obani Mariam Morenikeji says:

    Thank you so much @ sealseaconcepts It's an amazing learning section

  • Fafolu Oluwatobiloba Boluwatife says:

    Thank you so much seal sea concept.this course is truly an eye opener,it helps to place your priority right, and achieve goals

  • Obi Itunuoluwa Precious says:

    Thanks @seal sea concept I really learnt alot, thank for the enlightement...Great application 😍🤗

  • Ogbo Bridget says:

    I would love to be part of this concept.

  • Comrade Salami Adesola says:

    Hopeful will be very impactive

  • Oguejiofor Maryann says:

    Thank you seal concept for this great opportunity given to me to boost my morality as an entrepreneur.This course reviews all the secret of a successful companies.he teaches us the means of addressing our staffs inother to seek for their opinions and suggestions towards the growth of the makes us realized that thou there are inactive and uncommitted staffs but we should open our eyes and see those staffs who are committed to their work.2018 was awesome when am privileged to enroll in this program.thank you seal concept once again

  • Nzubechukwu Gift Eziaronwu says:

    Very impactful and educative.

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