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Seal-Sea Concept is unique - we are solution provider in the area of Productivity.

We are registered! We are recognised!! Our Success records and Clients' Testimonies Speak for us.

Seal-Sea Concept is a leading training firm registered nationally in Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission and having gained international recognition through our world standard Trainings and unique productivity solutions.

Seal-Sea Concept is a leading training firm/institute. We are specialized in Productivity Trainings for Corporate bodies/Organizations, Schools/Enterprises, Employees/Entrepreneurs, National Youth Corps Members, Graduates, Undergraduates and General individuals.

Our driving force is to increase the Productivity and therefore contribute largely to the growth and success of our Clients by providing Solutions to "Productivity Issues" with our unique "CONCEPTS" through Consultations, Trainings, Workshops, Recommendations and Mentorship.

We give World Standard Trainings, professionally in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Project Management Professional (PMP), Human Resource Management (HRM) , Emotional Intelligence at work place (EI) and many other outstanding Productivity Trainings. We also offer ICT Trainings and a compressed "Productivity Course" - targeted towards acquisition of "Employability Skills”, majorly for Undergraduates, Graduates, National Youth Corps Members, Entrepreneurs and Interested individuals.

Since inception, our success cannot be overemphasized as we continue to have and enjoy recommendations from Organizations, Institutes and Individuals who have undergone our trainings and benefitted from our leading and exceptional Services.We organize workshops, seminars and give Mentorship Packages in the world of industrial Safety Management, Organizational Leadership Strategies, ICT and general individual development and capacity building.

We consult for individuals, Companies and recommend "unique solutions" to every Productivity Issue.

We issue "PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES" upon the completion of every of our trainings and our certificates have gained recognition both locally and internationally based on our "Professional Protocols" (that insists on the issuance of certificates "if and only if" Participants had performed above 60% in our Professional and Standard Examination/Assessment) and through our local and international Partnerships.

Our Trainers are equipped with professional capabilities, practical training experience and the right training tools/aids. We are committed to "Practicable Trainings" only and always ensure the "Efficiency and Effectiveness" is prioritized through our administrative structures and day-to-day improvements/updates to meet and beat the world standards.


We are also a leading Training Firm that have a lot of recorded success in Organizing Professional/Productivity Trainings for Teachers and Career Development Trainings for Students both individually and collectively through School Management in order to improve academic performances of Students , to guide them in choosing a career path based on their strength and interests and to help teachers get better in their teaching delivery and generally improve them in their Profession(i.e their Teaching Career).

We are simply here to help you grow and therefore contribute largely to your Productivity and Success.


To be the leading Training Institute, rendering Standard Productivity Trainings that cut across industrial safety practices , Project Management Professional, Human Resource Management, Consulting Services , Workshops and Mentorship to Corporate bodies/Organisations, Undergraduates, Graduates , National Youth Service Corps Members, Entrepreneurs , Employees and Employers, both locally and internationally.


To increase industrial/Companies' Productivity, by sensitizing employees/employers on work place safety; reducing unemployment among graduates; preparing Undergraduates productively for labour market; and reducing lack of Productivity among Entrepreneurs and Schools through Trainings, Workshops, Employability skills acquisition and Mentorship, using highly competent trainers, creative training techniques and modern Technology.


  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Professionalism
  • Creativity
  • Team work
  • Innovations
  • Excellence


  • Trainings
  • Mentorship
  • Consultancy
  • Procurements
  • Organizational Leadership Strategy
  • Productivity/Safety Auditing
  • Business Development/Management
  • Engineering/Management/Computer Workshops


Have you been looking for a way to;

  • discover or develop yourself?
  • increase your self-worth?
  • attract people or clients by growing your values?
  • make yourself sort after by employers through acquisition of Professional Trainings and Certifications.
  • make your business grow or increase the Productivity Skills/Instincts of your employees?
    • "Whatever your aim is, in the area of Productivity and to successfully attain the peak of your Career, Profession or Business, our Trainings and Certifications have got you covered."

      Sign up now, for any training of your choice. The trainings are simply "Practical Oriented" to get you "Professionally and Productively" driven towards achieving your Career aims and goals.


      As a leader, HR Personnel, Managing Director, School Owner, Training Manager or Head of a Department, you can book a blanket/group trainings( i.e. any Productivity Course or Organizational Trainings of your choice ) for your members or employees.

      This will also afford you the economical opportunity of enjoying a huge discounts on the Training Cost.

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      "Our Trainings are available both online or through a Physical Class."

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Our Features

Physical and Online Trainings

Be free to go for your suitable option. Your productivity is secure and prioritised in our Training delivery.

Two-Way Certifications

Online Certificate is available immediately after the training completion.

Examination is available Online

Both Objectives and Scenario dependent Theoretical questions are available. 60% performance is required.

User Friendly Training App

This is available on Google Playstore - to be freely downloaded for your online training.

Online Payment

You can make your Payment online and get confirmed immediately , to proceed to your training session

Reliable Support

Chat up for Support through our unique system. Click on the support button - available also on the app.


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Why Choose Us?

Seal-Sea Concept is unique - we are solution provider in the area of Productivity.

We are a Training Institute that prioritise seeing you productive through our unique and practicable Trainings.

All our Trainers are Professionals , Carefully engaged in their area of Strength for efficiency and effectiveness

It may interest you to know that , not only are we the best but our Training Costs are pocket friendly.

Our Trainings aside the physical classes, are also available online(through our 5-star rated app) which gives room to International Participation.

innovations and productivity solutions for our Corporate Clients have won for us many recognitions, giving weight to our certificates beyond the Nation.