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Occupational health deals with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace and has a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards. The health of the workers has several determinants, including risk factors at the workplace leading to cancers, accidents, musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory diseases, hearing loss, circulatory diseases, stress related disorders and communicable diseases and others.

The field of occupational health and safety (OHS) has become a topic of increasing importance over the last 30 years. Originally addressing concerns in industry and hazards associated with mechanical injury, the field of occupational health and safety has expanded to almost every workplace environment, from the office to the airplane, as well as to the laboratory and the vivarium.

In a nutshell, OHS refers to the protection of workers from conditions that risk their overall well-being. It involves the maintenance of good working conditions and ensuring protection of workers from risks resulting from factors that are adverse to health.


All Courses Idea


• Job seekers

• Entrepreneurs 

• Employees/Employers

• Interested individuals (for workplace safety)


OHS - Course Contents 

• Module One:

- Introduction
- Personal Protective Equipment
- HEMP - Health and Effect Management Process
- Unsafe Act Auditing 

• Module Two:

- Occupational Health
- Manual Handling
- Water Safety
- Environmental Management
- Waste Management

• Module Three:

- Basic Fire Safety
- Job Safety Analysis
- Confined Space Entry 
- Safe Chemical Handling
- Lock Out / Tag Out
- Crisis Management
- Emergency Response
- Security Supervision


  • Olusanya Elijah O. says:

    In this first level, I have learnt about the introduction and basics of safety , PPE , hazard management and first aid...The lessons and teaching aids are very explanatory.

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