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Project Management

Professional (PMP) certification is an industry recognized credential for project managers. PMP demonstrates the experience, education, skill and competency required to lead and direct projects. PMP is the most sought after certification.

Project Management Professionals are imperative in every industry. The demand is in terms of the skill requirements which vary between different industries and geographies. As per 2014 survey report by PMI, there will be huge opportunities for practitioners of Project Management. As companies recruit people from various cultural backgrounds, the need for project managers with a standardized set of skills increases. These project managers would be expected to undertake projects on system reorganizations, turn strategic vision into tangible goals, and ensure effective and agreed outcomes, while balancing various project constraints.


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• Job seekers

• Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

• Employees/Employers

• Interested individuals


By going through PMP course and being certified , your benefits are such that;

• You will gain an unprejudiced endorsement of Project Management Knowledge and Professional Experience at a competitive  global level.

• PMP gives you a high market value.

• It increases your credibility and open you to more opportunities.

• PMP Training and Certification is also capable of getting you a Job, earn you a promotion and better recognition.

• It will also help you explore more projects in line with your career or business, which  could push you to seeking  Partnership with bigger companies based on your increased values and credibility



• SECTION 1 - The Project Management Framework

√ Purpose of the PMBOK Guide. 

√ What is a Project? 

√ What is Project Management? 

√ Relationships Among Project Management, Project Management and Portfolio Management. 

√ Project Management and Operations Management.

 √ Role of a Project Manager.

 √ Project Management Body of Knowledge. 

√ Enterprise Environmental Factors. 

√ The Project Life Cycle.

 √ Project vs. Operational Work. 

√ Stakeholders.

 √ Organizational influences on Project Management.

• SECTION 2 - The Project Management Processes, Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

√ Project Management Integration

√ Project Scope Management

√ Project Time Management

√ Project Cost Management

√ Project Quality Management

√ Project Human Resource Management

√ Project Management Communications

√ Project Risk Management

√ Project Procurement Management

√ Project Stakeholder Management

• SECTION 3 - Professional and Social Responsibility

Contents by Seal-Sea Concept(Training Institute)


  • Nkwocha Patrick Chima says:

    Great course guys, keep it up.

  • Olagunju Pelumi Ezekiel says:

    This training opened me up to a whole lot of things I didn't even know existed in managing project. The tutors are so vast and made class very lively and easy to assimilate all being taught.

  • Timothy Nwanwene says:

    The trainers are creative. The classes are lively, interactive and skillfully informative. Hours of training get by like a few moments. The sections are distinctively packed with actionable skillset instructions. In the end, you will be well equipped to move movable mountains and climb the others. For me, my project loop has been the SCOPE. I am a quality nerd, hence I keep pushing my SCOPE to infinity, this, in turn, pulls time and budget. Now I respect the usefulness of defining and keeping to SCOPE BOUNDARIES.

  • Anyaorah Chidubem Chinecherem says:

    Nice programme was able to get ideas on project management

  • Nkwocha Patrick Chima says:

    Yet another masterclass from the instructor as expected. Always a time well spent taking your course. Thanks a lot.

  • Olugbogi Abiodun James says:

    This training was really amazing, educative and practical. I really learnt alot

  • Jamiu Ahmed says:

    This is an informative, intensive and practical training for Project Management. Thumbs 👍 for YCT-Napes and Seal_Sea concepts for putting this together.

  • Saviour Kingsley Ubong says:

    I have never heard PMP Training so simplified and practical. Special thanks to Seal_SeaConcept for putting this together as I was opportune to partake of t to beautiful course, courtesy of NAPES (Yabatech Chapter). Sea_SealConcept to the world ✅💯

  • Glory Adebayo says:

    As a participant of this PMP training, it was an awesome experience and opportunity to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. Is of a impact to be part of this program. Thank You Napes, Thank You Seal-Sea Concept. 👍

  • Olawepo Idris says:

    I wanna say a big thanks to sealseaconcept for offering this project management professional course. I'm happy I didn't misused the opportunity then when a friend called me that there's a PMP program sealseaconcept is offering at abeokuta(FUNNAB). The PMP program from sealseaconcept, got me a contract worth a multi millionaire. At first I wasn't the only one pushing for the contract, we re many the only thing that help me out was because I had a PMP. so please guys, if u have the opportunity of reading this, if any program is brought to you at a token, please don't take that risk of not doing it, BECAUSE if I had say no to my friend then, that was why I would have lost this big opportunity I had now. I say a big thanks to Almighty, I say a big thanks to my friend would told me about sealseaconcept. Appreciation goes to SEALSEACONCEPT.

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