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SIP refers to an "Employee" as a "raw GOLD" that will not shine (i.e perform productively) without being refined (trained) in order to meet up with the company's expectations of them. It will expose your staff to Emotional Intelligence at work place , communication skills among workers, team work , time management and anger Management with reference to how these enlisted factors affect the Employee's KPIs. It will further expose your Employees to your Company's KPIs which shouldn't be a secret to any employee and mould them to becoming good ambassadors and first hand image of the Company.

• Importance of SIP:

It's a Professionally proven fact that a thorough interview no matter how strict , is not enough to guarrantte that the right people are employed. We should be reminded that the main focus of an "Interview" is centred on hiring "who can do the job" but this cannot help correcting or completely fish out the "attitudinal deformity" of the incoming employees. It takes a thorough training to bring out the best from your employees.

"Remember they may be the best but may not be offering their best performances to the Company's growth."

Staff Induction Program is an Innovation of Seal-Sea Concept to help companies instil the required productivity qualities needed in the new and old staff to bring out their best performances that is needed to achieve the Company's Vision. 

This course focuses on giving a thorough training to staff on work ethics which will result to staff seeing the need to grow their values and as well demonstrate their commitment to the Company's growth in terms of integrity, attitude, respect, punctuality, communication and interactions ( how one gets along with other staff ). It will further empower the staff more on the need to study and get familiar with the Company's Organogram , including the  rules and regulations , guiding the staff's activities.

SIP is an essential course to be adopted by any Company who cares to transform their workers from behaving unruly to contributing their best to achieve the common goals of the Company - which is to meet up with targets and the desired profits with commitment to either production/Manufacturing/sales of quality products or provision of  outstanding services.


All Courses Idea


• Corporate Bodies' Staff

• Bank's Staff

• Insurance Company's Staff

• Marketing Team

• NGO's Workers

• Government Workers/Staff


SIP Contents 

This Course is designed to: 

• train and give proper orientation to your staff 

• Correct negative attitudes/influences that  the employees might bring  into the company.

• make your staff understand and key into the Company's Vision and targeted goals 

• ensure staff attitudes attract new clients rather than jeopardizing the good image of the company which may result to loss of Clients or Customers 

•  create a good synergy among staff , laying emphasis on working as a progressive team members.

• make staff see that the progress of the company have a direct impact on their Personal Developmental Plan.

• train staff on the needs and  how to avoid Corporate crimes and theft at work place.

• train staff on the benefits of following protocols to channel ones complaints at work places rather than grumbling, neglecting duties and engaging in anti-management activities , which may result to lack of Productivity at work place 

• Training Modules

√ Module 1 - Work Ethics

√ Module 2 - Proactive attitudes and responses to work

√ Module 3 - Benefits of being Organised and how to key  into required tasks

√ Module 4 -  Communication Skills and Conflict resolution at work place 

√ Module 5 - Psychological effects of family issues on Employee's attitudes to work. How to strike a balance between your work and family.

√ Module 6 -  Team Work

√ Module 7 - The qualities of a good Employees 

√ Module 8 - How to grow with the Company's Vision.

√ Module 9 - Managing a multiple tasks without a Clash .

√ Module 10 - Effective TIME MANAGEMENT skills

√ Module 11 - Savings Culture

√ Module 12 - Anger Management

√ Module 13 - Critical thinking


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